Metal Tech Alley Wins BCEDA Community Project Award

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In addition to winning the Small Business BC’s Open for Business Award for medium communities last month (read about it here), this month Metal Tech Alley was the honoured recipient of the BC Economic Development Association’s Community Project Award for communities under 20,000 people. This award recognizes communities or regional partnerships that work together on economic development. Entries were judged based on strategic planning, marketing and community involvement. The reviewers considered the economic environment and what sort of challenges were faced, and how the project was adapted to any changes in its course. Applications which demonstrated the economic impact of the project on the communities and demonstrated measurable results, showed widespread community support and engagement as well as being transferable to other communities fulfilled the award criteria. The innovation and originality of the project also added weight to the application. To find out more about this and other awards click here.

It is thanks to the collaboration of the local municipalities, regional district areas and our business community that Metal Tech Alley is so successful! In our application we were able to directly point to business attraction, job creation, workforce training and commercialization for entrepreneurs as just some of the benefits of Metal Tech Alley. But is the partnership between community organizations, local governments and the private sector, which truly makes the Metal Tech Alley strategy stand out from the crowd. With the level of collaboration we see in this region, it is clear that this is the best way forward for economic development. And winning this award which emphasizes the importance of working together, holds up this initiative as a best practice. Other communities can adopt this practice by focusing on their unique resources and building similar partnerships between stakeholders.

We are looking forward to what more Metal Tech Alley can bring to our communities in the years to come!

Our Executive Director, Terry (second from left), with the East End Seven Committee members!

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