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The combination of phenomenal mountain lifestyle, location, access to markets, and affordability have created the perfect storm of opportunity for a clustering of innovators, disruptors and adventure-seeking entrepreneurs who understand how to conduct big business from anywhere in the world. We are leveraging brain power to change the world from HERE—MetalTech Alley, a cluster of industry and technology companies that are forging a global pathway through the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Among these visionaries, Rossland’s Brian Fry, is committed to guiding our region as a leader in technologies that manage unprecedented amounts of industrial data, pioneering what is an inevitable shift in big industry, regionally and around the world.

Brian, along with partner Tim Dufour and Kootenays tech trailblazer, CEO Pilar Portella, is a driving force behind the new i4C Innovation Centre, an International Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) lab, production and testing facility conveniently located near the airport in Trail.

The 46,000 square foot (sq ft) Industrial IoT centre provides a high-tech hub in the heart of Metal Tech Alley and offers clients full-service international Industrial IoT lab, production and testing space. The facility includes:

  • Industrial IoT – R&D, light fabrication, and commercialization
  • Innovation training & education programs
  • Big Data storage
  • Industrial IoT analytics and augmented business intelligence
  • Sensor assembly
  • Professional business support services with access to venture capital for scalable companies through early and mid-stage growth.

Since opening in May, the Centre has already welcomed its first client:  Aretas, specializing in environmental sensors and their deployment – UAV (drone) vehicles as one example – to meet a variety of data collection needs.

This fall, i4C will be welcoming clients from Brazil looking to take advantage of the unique opportunity available. The appeal is clear. Located in Metal Tech Alley with access to the United States (only 7kms away), the availability to vast amounts of electricity, lab and fabrication space, the i4C Innovation Centre is in a unique North American location.

Eager to explore the potential for developing interest beyond this hemisphere, Brian accompanied Aretas’ Greg Derksen on a recent trade mission to India. For a region like India, plagued with issues ranging from population growth to wealth distribution to pollution, information will be key to guiding a better, more sustainable, path forward.

i4C is leveraging the great equalizer that technology has become in this, the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It empowers us to do business any time and anywhere in the world, right here in Metal Tech Alley.

“I think we can innovate even faster then other traditional Silicon Valley like environments due to our many advantages.” – Brian Fry

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