Metal Tech Alley Company Makes Strategic Partnership

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Just last week, Metal Tech Alley company, Fenix Advanced Materials, announced a new strategic partnership agreement with Deer Horn Capital Inc.! This agreement is centered around potential tellurium extraction and purification as part of an enterprise for clean-tech metals.

Fenix AM is a clean technology company that specializes in the production of ultra-high purity (UHP) metals which are an essential part of modern technology including solar power, telecommunications and infrared applications. Fenix AM is one of the world’s few companies which achieves an almost 100% purity level in its metal products. CEO Don Freschi states that tellerium is an extremely important UHP metal for the future of Fenix AM. Fenix already has partnerships in place with Teck Metals, the University of British Columbia, and Redlen Techonologies (Victoria, BC), and expects to expand research, educational and metals processing partnerships internationally in the coming year.

“We see a significant increase in tellurium demand long-term, which is why we’re partnering with a number of universities and organizations for research, extraction and processing for technologies in our pipeline that require ultra-high purity tellurium and other critical metals. The Deer Horn gold-silver-tellurium property, along with the Deer Horn’s technical team, offers us a strategic potential domestic supplier of tellurium located within the same province.” – Don Freschi, CEO, Fenix Advanced Materials

Deer Horn Capital’s CEO, Tyrone Docherty, regards their partnership with Fenix AM as a key part of their long-term vision to making a low-carbon economy and clean technology a reality.

“We’re thrilled to join the roster of exceptional strategic partners Fenix has assembled to make this happen, and we look forward to engaging with them… As the world turns to technology for growth and for solving the planet’s most serious challenges, we know that dependable supplies of critical metals, of which the Deer Horn Property is known to contain at least three, will become essential.” – Tyrone Docherty, CEO, Deer Horn Capital Inc.

We expect great things from this strategic partnership in the development of critical metals and clean technology! This partnership is the perfect example of how Metal Tech Alley companies are committed to environmental sustainability while making the most of our unique metallurgical industrial economic cluster.

To read Deer Horn Capital’s full press release click here.



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