Nelson Company, D-Pace, Wins $100M USD Contract

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Just this week D-Pace, a Nelson based high-tech manufacturing company, announced that it won a $100 million US dollar contract. BC Minister of Jobs, Trades, & Technology, Bruce Ralston, and Rick Glumac, Parliamentary Secretary for Technology visited D-Pace to congratulate the team on their successful bid. This contract will be a collaborative project between D-Pace and Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ion Technology Co., Ltd. of Japan. D-Pace has a Japanese representatives which, according to Morgan Dehnel, D-Pace founder, greatly facilitate the possibility of this project.

D-Pace has been in operation for almost 25 years, and its success points to the viability of the tech sector in the Kootenays. It is a supplier of products and services for the commercial accelerator industry worldwide. Since 2014 the company is 50% owned by Buckley Systems, a New Zealand firm which also manufactures and designs products for this industry. The investment by Buckley allowed D-Pace to expand the scope of their operations and contribute a dozen new products to the particle acceleration market.

“And it’s win-win for both companies,” Dehnel added. “There’s lots of information we’re feeding back to Buckley Systems Ltd and similarly they’re providing us with good ideas.”

“I’m pleased to say that D-Pace is moving towards our vision and aspirations of not only providing consulting services and individual devices for the particle accelerator market but providing complete systems that have a much higher dollar value,” Dr. Dehnel, Chief Science & Innovation Officer said. “With this recent contract win, D-Pace is now entering our next phase of much larger projects.”

D-Pace is an excellent example of how tech companies can thrive and participate in world markets from small, rural areas… like Metal Tech Alley!

Left to Right: Rick Glumac, Parliamentary Secretary for Technology; Bruce Ralston, Minister of Jobs, Trades & Technology; Dr. Morgan Dehnel, founder of D-Pace


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