The start of the Evolution

Thank you to everyone who attended the Metal Tech Alley unveiling and grand opening of the i4C Innovation Centre. The level of excitement and energy was unprecedented.

There were over 150 provincial, national and international executives, business leaders and investors from 5 different countries, representing Canada, USA and South America.


This is what the Metal Tech Alley business community had to say about the event:

 "The energy and optimism at the event was palpable. Metal Tech Alley offers us such an incredible opportunity to capitalize again on the strengths of the region. I wonder if this is what it felt like the late 1800s when ore was pouring out of the mountains and the smelter came to life." Brian Fry, i4C Innovation Centre

“The Metal Tech Alley Grand Opening was an inspiring event. The vendors, presentations and video showcased the depth of talent that exists locally, and that the Lower Columbia is more than capable of competing in this technology driven marketplace. As an LCIC board member, and on behalf of Teck Trail Operations, I’m very excited to see where we go from here.” Thompson Hickey, General Manager, Teck Trail Operations


Technology has become the great equalizer where thought leaders can innovate and disrupt from anywhere - so why not HERE, why not right NOW, in Metal Tech Alley!

Watch video here.

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