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Leaders in the Circular Economy Movement

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Learn how Metal Tech Alley is leading the Circular Economy Movement by making environmental protection profitable, and providing a road map to support thriving communities, better protected from outside influences.

Sectors of Innovation.

The Circular Economy Movement in the Kootenays is well underway. Metal Tech Alley has brought together professionals and entrepreneurs spanning multiple industries to adopt these practices. The sky is the limit and expansion is the goal. Embracing Circular Economy practices can take your business to new heights. Let us get you started. Check out what’s already happening in our area!

Making Connections:

The Professionals and Entrepreneurs of Metal Tech Alley

Unique businesses led by amazing people are the foundation of Metal Tech Alley. Working with and connecting local business leaders is crucial. More and more professionals and entrepreneurs are finding their way in the Kootenays. The rare combination of large scale industry, affordable living and world-class recreation makes the region an obvious choice for many. Read the stories of some entrepreneurs who have found success, and are integral participants in the Kootenays Circular Economy Movement…




Start working where you play. Affordable, accessible, pristine, diverse and world-class, Kootenay residents are spoiled for choice when it comes to staying physically and mentally healthy. Check out some local offerings and put yourself in our boots!

This model shows the material flows between companies and different geographic regions, from local to international. It displays the reach of Metal Tech Alley companies from contributing to the local economy to participating in the global economy.

Over time, this model will add new networks from other regions, and its usefulness will grow.

Want to see your company in the model? Contact us!

Metal Tech Alley is a proud member of:

Circular Economy Leadership Canada (CELC) is working to make Canada a world leader in building a sustainable, prosperous circular economy that benefits people and planet. By providing thought leadership, technical expertise and a collaborative platform, they will accelerate the transition to a low-carbon, circular economy in Canada.

The Battery Metals Association of Canada (BMAC) is a trade organization of entrepreneurs, explorers, developers and producers of battery metals and materials, who have joined together to support a rapidly changing energy landscape. 

Circular Innovation Council believes solutions for greater resource efficiency are to advance the circular economy, which decouples economic activity from production and consumption of finite resources. Visit circularinnovation.ca to learn more.


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