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Our Vision:

To be leaders in the global circular economy movement by providing a support network that local businesses use to realize the multiple benefits of adopting circular economy practices. The ultimate goal is comprehensive sustainable development through regional adoption of circular economy principles in all local economic sectors.   

What is the Circular Economy? 

It is an economic system covering all sectors of society based on the 4 Rs:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle
  • Recover

It drives genuine sustainable development (encompassing environmental, economic and social benefits for current and future generations) by transcending the traditional, linear economic model: Produce, Consume, Discard.

In the industrial circular economy, businesses (such as forestry, mining, metallurgy, technology, etc.) shift their business models to maximize the 4 Rs.  It links to the end user when the waste produced by consumers is recycled in a profitable way.  On a regional scale the circular economy emphasizes the vital importance of local production while striving to integrate in the global supply chain in line with the 4 Rs.

Who We Are:

An association of dedicated and ambitious professionals that are initiating a regional movement towards a circular economy  system for long-term stability and environmental sustainability. By engaging in this strategy, and supporting the businesses involved, Trail and the neighbouring communities  are leading positive change on a global-scale while ensuring that the local, regional economy flourishes.

This is the place to thrive for industry leaders in:
– Metallurgy & Advanced Materials
– Digital Fabrication
– Industrial Recycling
– CleanTech
– Industrial IoT

Professionals who are part of MTA are collaborating with a wider network of supporting players including academia, government, and non-profits who share a common goal of stimulating local growth and community prosperity. With access to world markets, nestled in the mountains by the US/Canada border, your company’s success will be founded on the opportunities  in Metal Tech Alley and supported by the regional business services network.

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