Metal Tech Alley presented with Best Eco-Friendly Battery Metal Producer Award

In 2021 Jacomien van Tonder presented at the World Circular Economy Forum on Rural and Remote Communities. Jacomien brought Metal Tech Alley to the world stage as the only presenter from a rural community in North America – and it did not go unnoticed. Following that presentation Metal Tech Alley was nominated for a Global Green Business award for their work in sustainable business practices and circular economy leadership.  

Jacomien van Tonder is the Director for Metal Tech Alley, a successful regional marketing strategy from the Lower Columbia Initiatives Corporation (LCIC) based in Trail BC.  After 4 years running the Metal Tech Alley program, the LCIC is considered a leader in economic development best practices through creating a circular economy hub in small rural area. The considerable success of Metal Tech Alley rests on embracing industry of all sectors and supporting innovation for companies that are engaging with circular practices and doughnut economics.

“We represent metals producers, recycling and metallurgical facilities in the area and share this recognition with each one of them” – Jacomien

In December of 2021 Metal Tech Alley was chosen to receive the award for Best Eco-Friendly Battery Metals Producer and proudly displays the trophy in their office to remind them of what hard work and progressive thinking can accomplish.

About the Global Green Business Award:

“This year we seek to commend and bring exposure to those companies that have worked to ensure sustainability is at the very core to their business. The Global Green Business Awards 2021 will therefore place emphasis on applauding innovation in corporate sustainability and seek to reward those have proven themselves to be pioneers capable of providing solutions to meet a vast array of demands.” – Acquisition International

Acquisition International also featured each winner in their Global Green Business Award 2021 magazine. You can read the full page article on Metal Tech Alley below, or for a full copy of the magazine and all the winners click here

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