Top Ten Thought Leaders Of 2022

Metal Tech Alley makes Top Ten Thought Leaders of the Year list

In January, Kootenay Business posted their Top Ten Thought Leaders of the Year list, here’s what they had to say about Metal Tech Alley.

Jacomien van Tonder: Director for Metal Tech Alley

Thought Leadership: What is a circular economy? It’s a different way of doing business where waste is considered a resource instead of a cost. It’s about using valuable resources wisely and finding innovative ways to better the environment and the economy. van Tonder and the team from Metal Tech Alley in Trail are now world leaders in this new way of doing business.

Memorable quote: “It was a very proud moment for me to be able to tell the world about the Lower Columbia region as an industry-friendly area with high environmental standards”

You can the full article and get to know each thought leader on the Kootenay Business website. 

Read Jacomien van Tonder’s full storyGlobal Green Business Award goes to Metal Tech Alley in Trail, B.C.

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