From Concept to Prototype: STAC Delivers on Recent Projects

Project Client: Ekati Diamond Mine

Industry: Mining

Problem: Needed an effective way to show indigenous and other local communities what the mine site would look like in the future after closure.

Solution: STAC worked with an environmental monitoring agency to provide an interactive portable map application, showcasing the current and future status of the mine. For consultation purposes, STAC built a 3D terrain model of the entire site—which is over 40 kilometres wide—and used a data projector to project imagery, like a caribou migration path, onto the model. This made it more interactive to help facilitate the discussion with people impacted by the mine.

Project Client: 9dot Engineering Inc. and Aqua Diversities Waterworks Inc.

Industry: Municipal

Problem:  A critical plastic fitting for the UV water treatment system in Nakusp was damaged due to the heat and UV in the system. The parts were discontinued and the small, rural village would be looking at a very large unplanned capital expense during a difficult economic time.

Solution: Working together with the Village of Nakusp’s contractors, STAC 3D-scanned and reverse-engineered the part, then 3D-printed test pieces to ensure proper fit. Prototypes fit but were brittle, so one of STAC’s researchers (a millwright machinist) reviewed and further improved the design by using a UV-resistant plastic that was precisely CNC machined. This new part was strong and functional. The client was able to use the files they own to work with another local machine shop for larger orders.

Project Client: Association des francophones des Kootenays Ouest (AFKO)

Industry: Community

Problem: Needed a way to effectively showcase the French culture in the region. The association had a concept design they’d created with a local artisan, but were looking for assistance with production and/or implementation.

The six-foot-tall, free-standing wooden tree was designed to have laser-cut leaves featuring bilingual writing. The local contractor working on the project was using his small laser, which didn’t have suitable capacity to make approximately 175 leaves.

Solution: STAC reviewed the proposed concept design and the milled tree’s purpose: to travel West Kootenay communities as a public art installation to help educate people on the French culture. STAC milled the plywood on their CNC machines as the contractor didn’t have this equipment, and assisted further by using their larger laser and student person-power to help produce the laser cut leaves quickly and efficiently. The installation is now touring the communities in the region. 

Project Client: Kalesnikoff Mass Timber

Industry: Value-added Wood Products

Problem: Required help with a new automated production line they were installing in their new mass timber facility in South Slocan; this was a time-sensitive issue.

Solution: STAC was able to facilitate this project locally (rather than contracting to a company outside of the region) in-house and on time, while simultaneously teaching student apprentices about the machines and process. They expedited material delivery and production by using their new waterjet cutter for a total of 60 apprentice hours over two weeks.

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