Jenn Wilson, Managing Partner, Austin Engineering

Engineering Remote Communication The ability to run a team meeting remotely is a skill that Jenn Wilson has mastered. The Golden, BC resident is the Managing Partner at Trail’s Austin Engineering and is a leading example of a thriving remote-working professional. After a career in communications and public affairs, Jenn pivoted and leveraged her entrepreneurial […]

Technology and the Circular Economy: Selkirk Technology Access Centre

By Val Rossi and Kyla Girling of Writers Block Solutions Whether it’s reviewing a start-up idea sketched on the back of a napkin or working with an industry leader automating long-standing processes, the Selkirk Technology Access Centre (STAC) is lending its advanced manufacturing expertise to Lower Columbia professionals and helping take concepts from prototype to […]

From Concept to Prototype: STAC Delivers on Recent Projects

Project Client: Ekati Diamond Mine Industry: Mining Problem: Needed an effective way to show indigenous and other local communities what the mine site would look like in the future after closure. Solution: STAC worked with an environmental monitoring agency to provide an interactive portable map application, showcasing the current and future status of the mine. […]

Championing School Engagement: Chris Derochie, Account Manager, Thoughtexchange

Like many from smaller communities, Chris Derochie was eager to leave his hometown after graduating from high school. Seeking a larger centre, he left Rossland and landed in Michigan, where he played college hockey and obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration. While there, he also discovered his passion for working with tech startups, and after […]

Circular Economy Role Model: Pete Stamper – General Manager, KC Recycling

Circular Economy Role Model: Pete Stamper – General Manager, KC Recycling

Pete Stamper traded in his business suit for coveralls and a respirator when he moved to the Lower Columbia from Seattle, WA to become KC Recycling’s General Manager (GM). The primed professional is comfortable working at ground level operations, especially excelling at leading global manufacturing companies through ownership transitions and turnarounds. Last March, Stamper was […]

The Sustainable Mission: Darrel Fry – CEO, Advanced BioCarbon 3D

Carbon neutral and biodegradable are familiar buzzwords in today’s environmental industry – but has their wide usage blurred their definitions? CEO Darrel Fry of Advanced BioCarbon 3D (ABC3D) is breaking down their precise meanings and providing a prognosis for a bright future where wood replaces all 700 manufactured plastics. But Darrel isn’t an environmentalist; he’s […]

Sustainable Expertise: Morag Carter – Executive Director, the Skills Centre

Morag Carter views her life through an environmental lens. The Scotland native and citizen of the world moved to the Lower Columbia two years ago to experience the Canadian mountains. She cites coming face-to-face with a moose in the wetlands as a breathtaking moment that made her fall even more in love with the Kootenay […]

The Perfect Retreat: Jesse Crockett – General Manager, The Josie Hotel Luxury can mean so many things. For Jesse Crockett, valet help with his family’s six sets of skis upon first arrival at The Josie Hotel was a rich experience. He was refreshed by the level of customer service – and fresh pow – and before he could say, “concierge,” a new relationship formed. As […]

The Technology of Change: Jessica Nordlander – COO, Thoughtexchange

If you put a question out into the universe, you’ll often get your answer in the most unassuming way. That was the case for Jessica Nordlander; a technology executive with an MSc in Applied IT who came across Thoughtexchange while casually touring Rossland on a trip to find a Canadian home. Her desire to innovate […]

The Greatest Catch: Don Freschi – CEO, Fenix Advanced Materials and On the Fly Productions Don Freschi is the entrepreneur who grasped the Metal Tech Alley concept early on. After beginning his chemical metallurgical career at Teck, Don started making semiconductors and high purity metals from Teck byproducts. There’s something very authentic about Don; whether you see him fishing on the Columbia River, in downtown Trail exiting the Community […]